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Methods we employ to ensure good grades

aHere at Luton Tutors, we use proven, tried and tested methods to ensure real progress in our students. In this post I’ll go through the process from the first lesson through to sustaining improvement over the long term.

First, we assess the level of the student. So in English we would set a few writing tasks e.g. writing a short story, description of a setting, newspaper article, persuasive advertisement, etc. In Maths and Science we’d give several questions on a variety of topics and at different difficulties. This is all to pinpoint exactly where they need most help. We can then tailor lessons accordingly, and also to mirror the schoolwork they’re doing, so as to boost their understanding on specific topics and challenge their current working level.

We use online resources such as MyMaths, Maths Genie, Physics and Maths Tutor, BBC Bitesize, as well as past papers from the various exam boards. Methods we employ include spoken quizzes, short tests at the end of each session, going through exam paper questions by topic, looking at exam markschemes and examiner’s reports to explain what they look for in exam papers and to improve exam technique. Regular 30 min. homeworks are set, so that students come to the lesson having practised and mastered the skill we taught them last lesson, and are able to move on to more advanced questions, or a new topic.

The ultimate goal is to make the student an independent learner, capable of tackling any exam question with the correct mindset, knowledge and methodology, so that they can achieve the best possible marks in every exam they sit.

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  2. Great post. Unfortunately this seems to be an all-too-common theme in Hollywood. The attempts at morality tend to blur the lines and leave us questioning whether they are promoting morality or a “do what you feel like doing” mentality. Solid summation – I’m glad my daughter’s only 2 – although I’ll be dealing with this soon enough! Not looking forward to those days. =)


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