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Luton Tutors is an organisation focused on delivering quality 1:1 and group tuition to students of all ages and abilities, to help them reach their full potential.

As well as being the founder of Luton Tutors, I myself am an experienced tutor who has achieved success with a number of students over the last 2 years (see testimonials).  I am a higher education student who started tutoring after achieving some brilliant GCSE results and decided to not wait to put them to use. Since then I have transferred my know-how, exam techniques and revision ‘shortcuts’ (there are no real shortcuts to success in this life) to my tutees, who have massively benefited from the fact that I was part of the education system not so long ago.

The reason I continued tutoring after the summer following my GCSEs was because I found that I enjoyed it. The moment when a child learns something you taught them that they hadn’t understood before is just magical. I appreciate that all sounds overly clichéd, but trust me, I never understood why anyone would want to be a teacher till I started tutoring.

The blog section of the website will document experiences I face while tutoring, whether that be funny tales from sessions with one of my younger (naughtier) students, or a brush with a pushy prospective client (why haggle when your child’s future is at stake?). I’ll also post some articles and opinion pieces on topics that interest me within the framework of education and learning.

Please don’t hesitate to contribute to the discussion by commenting beneath any post, and of course you can contact me via the relevant channels if you’re interested in tutoring for you/your child.


Musab Patel